Your NobleHour Community is a customizable portal that organizes all aspects of the volunteering you want to track. Since there are a variety of ways you can use NobleHour, it is critical that you clarify your specific needs and related strategies. Here are key questions to get started:

How broadly will you be using NobleHour?

  • Institution-wide, or just for a specific club, class, or program?
  • Tracking curricular or co-curricular service?  Both?
  • Anything else special/unique you are considering?

Do you have a service requirement?  If so, will those serving be required to use NobleHour?

Do you want to post and manage opportunities on your community partner’s behalf, or have them create their own?

How will the data collected be used at your institution?

Who are your institution’s key stakeholders who will ensure NobleHour is being used in the best way to help you accomplish goals?

An advisory group can hold you accountable to achieving identified goals, and think strategically about additional ways to use NobleHour. Record your responses so that you can refer back to them and integrate them into communications with others at your institution. Your Account Manager can discuss with you the best way to set-up your Community to achieve your goals.

Articles in this Section:

  1. Identify your goals for NobleHour
  2. Determine your Community structure
  3. Set Up your Community
  4. Understanding NobleHour Opportunities
  5. Introduce NobleHour to your Institution
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