A NobleHour Community is comprised of Members, Groups, Opportunities, and Organizations. During your Onboarding Call with your Account Manager you will discuss the best way to organize your Community to achieve your goals.

Faculty, staff, and students may join your Institution’s NobleHour Community to find Opportunities and track and verify their volunteer hours. Members can:

  • Join your Groups and Organizations, as well as other Communities
  • Find Opportunities
  • Log volunteer hours and measure their Noble Impact
  • Add and contribute content
  • Retain their free account lifelong, creating a record of the variety of ways they have contributed!  
  • Manage all using the NobleHour mobile app!

Groups provide a useful way to segment members within your Community. By organizing Members into Groups you can share relevant Opportunities or announcements with them, recognize tracked hours, and structure reports. Groups can include:

  • Individual co-curricular organizations, like a service club or Greek Life
  • A service-learning class
  • A program, such as a civic engagement fellowship or scholarship program
  • Faculty/staff service (keep in mind there may be useful grouping of employees - such as those participating in a Volunteer Time-Off (VTO) policy)

Opportunities are activities or events that will benefit from volunteers. Ideally, Opportunities are posted by your Community Partners who have joined your NobleHour network in search of volunteers from your Community. If you elect not to involve Community Partners directly, Community Administrators may also post opportunities on their behalf or on behalf of the institution (e.g., a Freshman Day of Service or Alternative Spring Break Trip). Students may also submit Personal Opportunities if they serve somewhere that is not yet recognized in your Community.

Any Community Partner Organization that finds your NobleHour Community online can join NobleHour for free and promote their volunteer Opportunities to your Members. Once they have a presence in your Community, they can also consider connecting with other Communities, or even create their own!

Articles in this Section:

  1. Identify your goals for NobleHour
  2. Determine your Community structure
  3. Set Up your Community
  4. Understanding NobleHour Opportunities
  5. Introduce NobleHour to your Institution
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