To get started in your NobleHour Community:

  • Begin the Registration process
  • Complete the registration form and then select Register.
  • Select Create a Community.
  • Complete the organization registration form and then select Finished.
  • Upload a logo.
  • Invite any members who will help manage your organization.
  • Your organization will be upgraded to a community during your onboarding call.

Log in for the first time

  • If your institution is using Single Sign-On (SSO), select Log In and enter your institutional username and password.
  • If your institution is not using SSO, select Sign Up to register. You may use your institutional email and password to create your account.

Connect co-administrators

  • It will be helpful to identify additional administrators to help manage NobleHour implementation.
  • Share a link to this document for them to review.
  • Invite them to register as administrators.

Consider moderators

  • You may wish to identify a couple Community Moderators, who can review and approve content submitted to your Community.
  • These may be faculty, staff, or students who can help manage content review and approval, but do not need control over Administrative features.
  • Moderators will likely be someone on your immediate team or a close collaborator from a partner office.


  • As the NobleHour Core Administrator you may create a Group and/or Opportunity that you want to make sure is in NobleHour when early Members join. Consider creating one or two of each -- to learn the process and to build out content in your Community!
  • A General Opportunity can help you get started. Each new NobleHour Community includes one default Opportunity, since Members cannot track Hours without them. Be sure to find your General Opportunity (via your Network) and update it before inviting others into NobleHour.

Articles in this Section:

  1. Identify your goals for NobleHour
  2. Determine your Community structure
  3. Set Up your Community
  4. Understanding NobleHour Opportunities
  5. Introduce NobleHour to your Institution
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