The key to a successful NobleHour Community is effectively managing Groups across the institution. Think back to your articulated NobleHour goals - what groups might be important to set up? Who should oversee them? What do you need to communicate to those individuals about group set up and ongoing management? Here are some specific ideas for institution-wide roll-out.

Invite Faculty and Staff as Group Administrators
NobleHour enables any member of your Community to set up and manage a Group. Group Administrators may be faculty teaching service-learning classes who want to track service hours, or those organizing co-curricular service events, clubs, or programs. One person may administer multiple groups.

Consider a few options to introduce NobleHour to Group Administrators:

  • Convene an in-person kick-off meeting, where you can introduce them to NobleHour, share the benefits they gain from using it to manage their engaged programs/courses, and why the data matters to your institution.
  • Share a formal email invitation sharing the benefits and responsibilities, and offering to meet with them for a one-on-one consultation.
  • Make plans to attend (or have a student assistant attend) existing events, such as volunteer fairs or service-learning faculty development sessions, and offer NobleHour as a resource to attendees.

Invite Students to Find Opportunities, Join Groups, and Track Hours
Students get involved in the community for a variety of reasons which may include:

  • an instructor requires them to identify a service site to accomplish course objectives;
  • an instructor arranges for a whole class to volunteer at a particular site;
  • a student selects a community-based project for their capstone;
  • students are part of a co-curricular group that volunteers;
  • students choose to engage locally during their free time.

All of these activities have a place in NobleHour!

It can be helpful to start your NobleHour roll-out by asking some very engaged students to look for Opportunities or track their Hours. Who can be your biggest champions if they are early adopters? For example, if there is a fraternity or sorority very committed to serving, you could quickly populate your NobleHour community by working with that group. And those members can tell their friends/fellow students to enter their hours, too!

Based on your goals and target audiences, connect with the offices on campus that have a vested interest in learning about the engagement happening across campus. For example, those that develop and/or organize curricular and co-curricular engagement will become champions for NobleHour usage as they encourage their students to track their Hours, and then share that information. Academic departments which have capstone activities and service-learning courses have a clear and immediate need for NobleHour and should be a part of any strategy for roll-out and user-adoption initiatives

Other ways to introduce NobleHour to students:

  • Include an “introduction to NobleHour” into your new student orientation process. This can be as simple as providing them with an informational flyer, adding it to an orientation guide with inviting screenshots, or providing a short video demonstration and gathering students or volunteers in a room to set up their accounts.
  • Promote NobleHour at on-campus career fairs, volunteer fairs, or similar events. Have a computer/smartphone available to introduce your Community and demonstrate how easy it is to enter their information.
  • Provide a “demo” at a Student Government Association meeting, encouraging them to adopt and promote NobleHour usage for any community engagement they learn about or host.

Others at your institution
NobleHour provides great benefits across the institution. Consider sharing the benefits of NobleHour data with these offices as you roll-out, asking them to integration NobleHour communications into their work:

Alumni Relations

  • Encouraging alumni to join your NobleHour Community, or retain their membership when they graduate, means they can
  • Organize and track their own engagement.
  • Be counted as part of any institution-sponsored engagement activities.

Institutional Research
The unit responsible for reports will appreciate the data about

  • Students
  • Community partners
  • Work being done that helps to accomplish the institutional mission related to community engagement.


  • Prospective students will enjoy hearing the stories of student engagement -- and catch a vision of what they might be able to do at your institution!


  • Work with the Faculty Senate to encourage use of NobleHour any time faculty hosts service events.
  • Integrate an overview of NobleHour into new faculty orientations as you introduce new faculty to your institution’s vision for service-learning and community engagement.

Recruit Students as NobleHour Ambassadors to Assist with Rollout!
Consider equipping students as NobleHour Ambassadors, who can advocate for NobleHour, identify key Opportunities for inclusion, and integrate NobleHour into student events and reports. Contact your Account Manager to learn more.

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