Explore will allow members to quickly find volunteer opportunities, organizations and communities in their network using our location-based search.

There are two Explore maps:

  1. Community Explore - The Explore map inside of your Community will show any opportunities that's hosted by your Community or that was shared by partners. This is where members will come to see a list of their community's opportunities. 
  2. Member Home Explore - The Explore map outside of your Community will display all of the opportunities and organizations that are registered on NobleHour. This is where new members go to find volunteer opportunities!


Click on Date or Type to filter search results. Members can also click Location to update the search area. Once a member has found their opportunity or organization, they can quickly join or add hours directly from Explore.

List or Map View

Explore utilizes a list or map view. In the map view opportunities are shown as orange icons, while organizations are blue.

Numbered Clusters

Blue icons with a number indicates that there are multiple opportunities or organizations at that location. Click on the icon to show all of the opportunities or organizations.

View Homepages

To view an opportunity or organization home page from explore, select one and then select View. Selecting view will provide additional information about the opportunity or organization. 

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