Need to add hours, but your volunteer opportunity has not been registered? You can still add your hours with opportunities that are not posted on NobleHour by creating an external opportunity. This opportunity will only be visible to you and you only have to create it once for each opportunity. Let's get started! 

Step 1: Navigate to Add Hours

  1. Select + Add
  2. Select Hours

Step 2: Add Hours

  • Type the name of your organization and then select it below Add Organization. 
  • Next, select the default opportunity listed or enter the name of your volunteer opportunity and then select it below Add Opportunity.
  • Enter your Contact's Name, Email (to verify hours), and Phone Number.
  • Select the dates when you volunteered from the calendar. Dates that are highlighted in yellow or purple have hours already tracked. You can add additional hours on these dates by adding a shift. 
  • Adjust the clock sliders to enter your volunteer time or use the boxes in the Hours column. 
  • Add a reflection, tags and upload photos if applicable. Select Next
  • Select Submit and confirm your E-Signature

You're all done! Use Track to check on the status of your submission.

Your hours will show as pending until they are approved by your volunteer supervisor or group administrator.

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