Step 1: Navigate to your Community

  1. Select My Network (Logo in the top left corner). 
  2. Select your Community.

Step 2: Invite Members

  1. Select the hamburger icon (3 horizontal line) and then Administration
  2. Select the plus sign on the left and then Invite Member.
  3. In the To field fill in the email addresses separated by commas and select the user's role.
  4. Select Send when you are ready to send the invites.

You can also send an email to your members with the link to your community ( that was provided in your welcome email! Listed below are some tips that your welcome email should include: 

  • Articulate your organization or institution's goal and purpose with community engagement and volunteerism. 
  • List any requirements or incentives that your members should be aware of like a minimum or maximum number of hours included in a benefit package or program. 
  • Highlight how NobleHour will be a partner and will help facilitate the hour tracking and reporting process. 

Other ways to get members started: 

  • Delegate responsibility to other administrators or leads to help train and manage members on NobleHour.
  • Host an orientation or training that covers registration and adding hours. 
  • Share our Member Reference Guide

Volunteer Challenge companies can use the email template here.

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