The mobile app makes it easy to edit your hours on the go and get them approved.

Step 1: Navigate to an Opportunity

  1. Start by selecting Track
  2. Click on one of your opportunities.

Step 2: Edit Hours

  1. Below the Hours section click on your Pending, Contributed, Logged, or Denied hours to make edits.
  2. You will now drill into a submission view.
  3. Click on a specific hour-set to view timecard information. Swipe left on the date and time to access Edit. 
  4. Make changes to your time by clicking on Clock In or Clock Out.
  5. Update the break time and hourly wage if applicable and then select Update.

After selecting Update your hours will be sent to your volunteer coordinator again for verification. Your hours will also be sent to your Group again for approval if you contributed your hours.

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