The mobile app is great for adding hours quickly. You can also track the status of your hours, recontribute, send reminders, and delete invalid hours.

Step 1: Navigate to an Opportunity

  1. Start by selecting Track 
  2. Click on one of your opportunities.

Step 2: Track Hours

  1. Track is divided by two sections.
  2. Hours represent hours that you've submitted to your volunteer coordinator for verification.
  3. Contributions represent the hours that you've submitted to your community's group for final approval. 
  4. The hours are organized by status. Select a status of hours to drill into a submission view.
  5. Click on a specific hour-set to view timecard information and take action! 


Verified hours can be contributed to Groups.

You can send a reminder, contribute, or delete Pending hours.

Logged hours can be submitted for verification and group approval.

Contributed hours can be submitted for verification.

Denied hours can be deleted.


Track will also allow you to view your reflections. 

  1. Select an opportunity.
  2. Select a status of hours.
  3. Select an hour-set. 
  4. Click the cloud icon to view your reflection. 

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