A NobleHour Community is a customizable portal for managing and measuring engagement and collaboration. A Community is a place to share your impact, promote public outreach, and manage resources.

Communities offer:

Time Tracking
NobleHour Communities help you effortlessly track, verify, and approve service hours. Your members can track volunteer, service-learning, internship and even paying job hours for on-the-job training.

Opportunity Management
Your fully-personalized online Community enables administrators, community partners, and members to contribute opportunities. Our powerful Explore feature maps all of your community engagement opportunities in one view.

Filter by individual, Group, or entire organization for any day or date range. Then easily share, print or export your data.

Communication and Networking
Geo-location technology gives you the power to find and team up with community partners in your area quickly and easily. Approved partners can create free profiles and contribute news, content, resources and opportunities with your Community.

Impact Measurement
Impact measurement tools show the economic impact individuals, groups, and entire organizations are making in their communities.

Members can write reflections about their service experience, as well as collect all of their experiences and showcase their service.

Group Management
Manage members and content, and map all of the engagement activity in your community. Use Groups to track segment users into sub communities for better communication and reporting data. With Groups you can manage communication, opportunities, and media in one place.

Depending on the level of membership, a user within a Community may:

  • Manage community settings, modules, and membership.
  • Approve or deny content submissions.
  • Create, manage or join groups.
  • Submit, verify, or approve hour submissions.
  • Post, manage and share News, Resources, and Opportunities.

Within a Community, there are different levels of membership: Administrators, Moderators, and Members. Any user can search for Communities to join on NobleHour by visiting the Explore tab and entering a name, location, or keywords.

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