If you've tracked hours before joining a Group or selected the option to not contribute your hours with any Groups you may not receive credit for your volunteer work. Use Track to ensure all of your hours are contributed to a Group. 

A key indicator that some of your hours may not be contributed to a Group is by comparing your tracked Hours to your Contributions

On Track you'll see a list of opportunities that you've tracked hours with. Select one to compare and ensure all of your hours are contributed to a Group. 

The Hours sections on the left will show you the total number of hours tracked with an opportunity and its verification status. Clicking the Contributions section on the right will show you the status of hours contributed to Groups. 

If the Hours section is higher than the Contributions section, you have hours that have not been contributed to a Group. You may have to check pending contributions if your Group has not approved all of your hours yet. 

In the image above you'll notice that 2.50 hours have not been contributed to a Group because the total contributions is 8.25 hours, while the total tracked hours is 10.75. There are no pending hours. Here's how to contribute them for credit!

Step 1: Navigate to Hours

  1. Select My Account (Profile image in the top right corner) and then select View My Info
  2. Select Track
  3. Select the opportunity with hours that you need to Contribute for credit.

Step 2: Contribute Hours for Credit

  1. Hover over the submission that was not contributed and then select Contribute.
  2. Select Next.
  3. Select your Group and then select Contribute.
  4. Confirm your E-Signature and then select Done.

If you need to contribute all of your hours at once you can also use the Contribute toolbar feature. Learn more here!

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