When you register as an individual user you become a NobleHour Member. As you connect and share on the site you may be promoted to a Contributor, Moderator, or Administrator for any Opportunity, Group, Organization or Community.

Members can join Opportunities, Groups, Organizations and Communities. They can contribute content to any entity, but their contributions must be approved.

As you collaborate on the site you may be promoted to a Contributor, Moderator, or an Administrator.

Contributors can add and contribute content with automatic approval. This includes Opportunities, News, and Media.

Moderators can contribute content and hours with automatic approval and approve other member's contributions.

Administrators In addition to everything the other roles can do, administrators can also manage settings, members, and view reports. 

More details about roles & permissions:


  • Can join groups, opportunities and communities.
  • Can submit hours, but they have to be approved. 
  • Can contribute content and groups, but they have to be approved. 


  • Everything a Member can do. 
  • Can contribute content, such as Opportunities, News, and Media with automatic approval.


  • Everything a Contributor can do.
  • Can create and manage Groups with automatic approval.
  • Assist with approve hours and content.


  • Everything a Moderator can do.
  • Can manage settings and members.
  • Can view reports. 

These roles can be applied to a Community, Organization, Opportunity or Group. For example, a user can be a Member of a Community and an Administrator of a Group. Therefore, that Member has limited Community permissions and full access to their Group. 

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