A free Organization Profile on NobleHour helps organizational representatives publicize their opportunities to local volunteers, and makes it easy to manage content and members. Once your Organization is registered, it will appear in Explore so volunteers in your area can find you and engage. Organizations can host multiple opportunities and is a central resource for members to stay informed.

Create an Account with NobleHour

To get started on NobleHour, individuals must first create an account.

  1. Navigate to https://noblehour.com/register.
  2. Complete the registration form.
  3. Check the declaration and then select Register.

Register your Organization

Register your Organization so it's visible in the NobleNetwork. 

  1. Select My Account (profile image in the top-right corner)
  2. Select Register an Organization
  3. Complete the organization registration form.
  4. If you know your D&B D-U-N-S® number, enter it so your organization's location can be verified. (you can sign up for one or check to see if your organization has one here)
  5. Select Finished.

Congratulations! You're all set up, and ready to add an opportunity. 

Use My Network (Logo in the top left corner) to access your Organization at any time. 

Add an Opportunity

To give you a head start on making an impact we automatically create a General Opportunity for your organization, which can be found on your organization's homepage. This Opportunity will help orient you to how your volunteer opportunities will appear to prospective volunteers once you create them.

Editing this Opportunity is easy and will provide more value to members and volunteers! To get started we recommend updating the opportunity's name and uploading an image so volunteers can identify your Opportunity in Explore.

After you've updated the General Opportunity, let's add more Opportunities in the NobleNetwork! 

  1. Select + Add located in the top right menu bar
  2. Select Opportunity
  3. Complete the Opportunity form. Be sure to upload an image and select a host for your opportunity. The host will be your organization.
  4. Click Submit when you are finished. You'll see a green success message.

Share your Opportunity

You can expand the reach of your Opportunity by contributing it to other organizations or groups in your area. 

  1. On your Opportunity's homepage select Actions | Contribute. 
  2. Click in the Group selection box to share your Opportunity with Groups in your network. Click in the Organization selection box to share your Opportunity with other organizations. If the Organization or Group you are looking for is not appearing, click I don't see it to search the NobleNetwork. 
  3. Once you've selected a Group or Organization select Contribute and then confirm your E-Signature. 
  4. Select Go to Track to monitor the status of your submission.

You can monitor the status of your submission on the Content tab of Track. Select the Opportunity link on the left side of your screen and then select Submissions to review the status of the Opportunity you just contributed.

Contributed opportunities must be approved by a group or organization moderator before it appears on their page. 

Invite Members to Join! 

You can invite members to join your opportunities and organization by copying the URL and then sending an email to your members. You can also use the share feature in the actions menu. 

The invited member will have to register on NobleHour before they can join your Organization or Opportunities. Once they are registered they would simply click on the link provided in the email and then select I'm Interested to join your Organization or Opportunities. 

Moderate Hours

Verifying hours is easy when you have a registered organization. You'll receive an email each time a member submits hours for you to verify. Log in to view all of your hour submissions that are awaiting verification at once. 

  1. Select Moderate (check icon in the top right menu bar) and then select See All.
  2. Select the i (Info) icon next to a submission and then select View.
  3. Review the submission, check the declaration, and then select Approve or Deny.

When you approve hours the total number of verified hours will be reflected on your Organization and Opportunity's homepage. 

Organization Reports

Organization Reports allow you to quickly see the impact that your organization is making in the community, the status of hours, and where you’re connected!

Learn more about how to use Organization Reports here.

Other ways to use NobleHour:

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