NobleHour will help you track, organize, and generate a report of all your community engagement.  As you submit all your efforts, you can see the pattern of your engagement and help your Groups and Organizations understand the full impact of their work. It’s easy!  

Let’s get started...

1. Register and Join your Community

Your Community will be your company, institution or organization. If you already have an account, please sign in and skip to the next section.

  1. Visit NobleHour and select Get Started.
  2. Fill in the form and then select Register.
  3. Enter the name of your Community (Organization, Company, or Institution) and your zip code.
  4. Select your Community
  5. Select your Relationship and any Groups to which you belong, and then select Submit

2. Upload a Profile Picture

Now that you have registered, let's upload a profile picture so your colleagues and associates will recognize you! 

  1. Select the profile image from the top-right of the page.
  2. Select My Info.
  3. Under the default image, select Change Photo.
  4. Choose an image from the gallery or Browse to upload a new image.
  5. Drag your mouse inside the photo to crop the image and then select Save

3. Tag your Interests and Skills

Tagging your account with causes that interest you and your skills will allow NobleHour to connect you with the right opportunities and partners! 

  1. From your account page, select the Preferences tab.
  2. Tag your interests and skills! 

4. Join Groups

Contributing Hours to Groups ensures you will get credit for the work you are doing, and that your hours will be part of your Community’s story.

  1. From your Community, select Groups from the top navigation (make sure you are signed into your NobleHour account).
  2. Select Join next to any Group to become a member. (Note that some Groups may require your membership request to be approved before you may track Hours)

Groups are optional and your community may not have Groups created. If no Groups are created your hours will be sent directly to the Community.

5. Find Opportunities to Volunteer

NobleHour makes it easy for Members to find opportunities and make a difference in their local area. There are two ways to find Opportunities:

  1. Your Community’s Explore Map - Will show opportunities that are hosted by your community or that has been shared with your community. From your Community’s homepage, select Explore.
  2. Your Personal Explore Map - Will show all of the volunteer opportunities in the NobleHour system. From Member Home, select Explore.

Remember that these two Explore Maps, while they may look similar, will display different data! 

6. Add Hours

Adding hours is simple on NobleHour.

To Add Hours:

Select the Add (+) icon at the top of the page, and then select Hours.

You can even download our mobile app and add hours on the go! 

7. Track the Status of your Hours

  1. Select the Track tab at the top of the page.
  2. Select one of your opportunities.

The Hours (left column) section shows the total number of hours tracked and the status of your verification submissions with an opportunity. 

The Contribution (right column) section shows the status of your approval contributions to a Group.

8. Member Impact Reports

Member Impact Reports allow you to quickly see the impact you are making in the community, the status of your hours, and where you’re connected! To access your Impact Reports, select Impact from the top of your Member Dashboard. 

Learn more about how to use Member Impact Reports here.

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