Add allows you to easily add Hours, Opportunities News, or Media. Then, your next step is to Contribute them to a Group, Organization, or Community.

This all can be completed easily from Add, so now you can spend less time clicking and more time making contributions!

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Administrators own and manage all aspects of a NobleHour Community. Administrators can do the following:

  • Manage Community settings and modules.
  • Manage Community memberships.
  • Create and manage Groups.
  • Add News, Media, and Opportunities.
  • Moderate and manage content and hour contributions.

There can be multiple Administrators for one Community. Additional administrators can be promoted through an invitation or from the Administration Panel.


A NobleHour Community is a customizable portal for managing and measuring engagement and collaboration. A Community is a place to share your impact, promote public outreach, and manage resources.

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Community Manager

The Community Manager has been redesigned for easier access and simplicity. Community Administrators and Moderators will be able to access the Community Manager by selecting the three horizontal lines on the community's homepage. The Community Manager is divided into three sections.

Community: Community will navigate the page back to the community homepage. 

Moderation: Moderation will allow you to manage the content and hours that are contributed to your community. Listed below are the following actions that can be completed in Moderation: 

  • View and Feature Content.  
  • Approve, Deny, or Undo submissions like Hours, News, Opportunities, Assets, Role Requests, and Groups. 
  • Restore content from the Vault.

Administration: Administration allows you to manage and measure the civic engagement of your community. Listed below are the following actions that can be completed in Administration: 

  • Manage users. 
  • View Reports. 
  • Modify community settings. 


Contribute allows Hours, News, Opportunities, and Media to be sent to a NobleHour Community or Group. You need to Add Content before you can Contribute it.

Once your Contribution is approved, it will appear in the Community or Group that you contributed it to.

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Contributors are NobleHour members who are approved by a Moderator or an Administrator to contribute content with automatic approval.

Contributors can Add and Contribute Opportunities, News, and Media.


Finding Communities, Organizations, Events, and Opportunities have been improved with the introduction of Explore! Explore utilizes a list or map view of organizations and opportunities so users can quickly find what they are looking for. In the map view opportunities are shown as orange icons, while organizations are blue. Explore is a great way to find and connect with Community Partners and Opportunities. 

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External Opportunity

An opportunity that is hosted by an organization that has not registered on NobleHour. An external opportunity is created by a member when they cannot find the registered opportunity in the NobleNetwork while adding hours. This opportunity is only visible to the member. The member can get their hours verified by including their volunteer coordinator’s email address. 

General Opportunity

A specific type of Hosted Opportunity that is automatically created and registered for an organization when they first join the Network. This opportunity is public and accessible by all members, and is intended to help organizations get a jump-start on finding volunteers. 

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Groups are created inside Communities for hour tracking purposes and to segment members. 

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Health Averages

Health Averages compares your efforts against the average number of hours and submissions by all your network members, your communities and groups, opportunities, and community partners.

These tell you, at a glance, how you're performing - on average - as compared to your Network.

Hosted Opportunity

An opportunity that is created by an organization and listed in the network. This opportunity is public and accessible by all members once it’s approved. 

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Impact Hours

Impact Hours are hours that have been approved. Impact hours are calculated differently depending on which report is being viewed.

Community Administrator Reports: Impact hours are hours approved by Groups or verified at opportunities hosted by the Community.

Organization Administrator Reports: Impact hours are hours approved at the opportunities hosted by the Organization. 

Group Administrator Reports: Impact hours are hours approved by the Group.

Member Impact Reports: Impact hours are hours approved by Groups or verified by opportunity hosts.

Inactive Opportunity

An Opportunity is listed as inactive once it has ended. Members can still add hours with an inactive opportunity within the active dates. Inactive opportunities will appear on community homepages if featured and in Explore for 90 days after it’s inactive.


Documents & materials that are uploaded to Communities and Groups in order to save time, coordinate, and facilitate collaboration. Some examples are presentations, permission forms, syllabi, photos, or videos.

A variety of file formats are supported.


A Member is an individual who has registered an account with NobleHour. NobleHour is always free for Members, who can:

  • Find volunteer or paid opportunities
  • Log hours and measure their Noble Impact
  • Join Groups, Organizations, and Communities,
  • Add and Contribute Content

Member accounts are typically used to locate opportunities and track volunteer hours.

Member Home

The Member Dashboard is your personal dashboard on NobleHour. From your Member Dashboard you can explore opportunities and organizations in your area, manage and track your content, and quickly see the impact that you are making.

You can also update your profile image, quickly add hours, and manage your hours using Track.


Moderate allows an Administrator or Moderator to quickly approve, verify or deny content contributed to their Opportunity, Group, Organization or Community.

There are different types of content an Administrator or Moderator can approve.

A Group Administrator or Moderator can approve the following: 

  • News
  • Opportunities
  • Members
  • Media
  • Hours

A Community Administrator or Moderator can approve the following: 

  • News
  • Opportunities
  • Members
  • Media
  • Groups
  • Hours

An Opportunity or Organization Administrator or Moderator can approve the following: 

  • News
  • Opportunities
  • Members
  • Media
  • Hours

My Account

My Account provides access to your NobleHour profile, Network and preferences. 

My Alerts

My Alerts is where you can access and manage your NobleHour alerts.

You will receive an alert and an email notification when:

  • You need to moderate Contributions to your Group, Opportunity, Organization or Community (these can be Hours, News, Opportunities, or Media).
  • Someone signs up for an Opportunity that you are the Administrator for.
  • Someone requests to join your private or closed Group or Community.

My Network

My Network is a drop down menu that provides members with access to the Communities, Organizations, Groups and Opportunities in their Network. My Network is located in the top left corner and can be accessed from any page by clicking on the logo. 


An opportunity is a listing that helps Members find the best outlets to share their time and talents, and connects them to organizations doing great work. Think of Opportunities as advertisements for volunteers, interns, employees, and more! Opportunities are created by members, volunteer coordinators, or organizations and then contributed throughout the Network via communities, organizations and groups. 

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A free Organization Profile on NobleHour helps organizational representatives publicize their opportunities to local volunteers, and makes it easy to manage content and members. Once your Organization is registered, it will appear in Explore so volunteers in your area can find you and engage. Organizations can host multiple opportunities and is a central resource for members to stay informed.

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Personal Opportunity

An opportunity that is not hosted by an organization (helping a neighbor, e.g.) and does not require verification. 


Submission - is a request requiring moderation (approval).

  • Can be a request to moderate content, invitations, or role changes.

Statuses of Content Submissions

  • Pending - A submission received and awaiting moderation.
  • Denied - A submission denied by a Moderator or Administrator.
  • Approved - A submission approved by a Moderator or Administrator.
  • Unsubmitted - A submission canceled by a user.


Track provides a centralized view of your hours, content and contributions within NobleHour. 

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Each user on NobleHour has their own Vault which stores old content that is archived. Users will able to send the following content and submissions to the vault:


  • Opportunities
  • Events
  • Media
  • Groups
  • News


  • Opportunities
  • Events
  • Media
  • Groups
  • News
  • Memberships

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