This area helps Moderators manage the connections between members and Content. 

Reading the Connections Table

By default, the table will display Pending role request submissions - these are requests to join or change a member’s role in your community or group. This table also displays Groups that have been submitted to your Community for approval. If you do not see any table data, then you are up to date and have no pending role request to moderate.

You may view previously moderated role requests and Groups by changing the status filter to Approved or Denied. There are no date limitations on this view.

You may review the details of an individual pending submission by selecting the View icon from the last column of a sub-table. 

You may sort table data in ascending or descending order by selecting the column name from the table header. This may make it easier to find specific information.

Select the Groups filter to moderate pending Group(s). Once the Group(s) is approved it will be accessible to members. 

Use the keyword search to quickly find a member’s role request or Group.

Moderate Connections

  1. Select the submission(s) that you want to approve or deny. Note that you may select multiple submissions at once to approve them in bulk.
  2. Select Approve or Deny above the table.
  3. Confirm your moderation request, leaving a comment if necessary.

Undo Previously Moderated Connections 

If you’ve denied or approved connections inadvertently you can undo the moderation and change the status of the submission to pending. This will allow Community Moderators to take action on connections again! 

  1. Select Connections in Moderate & Manage. 
  2. Change the status to Approved or Denied and then select the Groups filter.
  3. Select the Group(s) that you want to undo and then select the orange Undo button. 

Change the table’s status filter to Pending to moderate the Group(s) again.

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