An opportunity is a listing that helps Members find the best outlets to share their time and talents, and connects them to organizations doing great work. Think of Opportunities as advertisements for volunteers, interns, employees, and more! Opportunities are created by members, volunteer coordinators, or organizations and then contributed throughout the network via communities, organizations and groups. 

Create Opportunities

There are three different types of opportunities that can be created on NobleHour: 

Hosted Opportunity - An opportunity that is created by an organization and listed in the network. This opportunity is public and accessible by all members of the network once it’s approved. 

  • General Opportunity - A specific type of Hosted Opportunity that is automatically created and registered for an organization when they first join the network. This opportunity is public and accessible by all members of the network, and is intended to help organizations get a jump-start on finding volunteers. 

External Opportunity - An opportunity that is hosted by an organization that has not registered on NobleHour. An external opportunity is created by a member when they cannot find the registered opportunity in the network while adding hours. This opportunity is only visible to the member. The member can get their hours verified by including their volunteer coordinator’s email address. 

Personal Opportunity - An opportunity that is not hosted by an organization (helping a neighbor, e.g.) and does not require verification. 

Learn more about creating Opportunities here.

Help Volunteers Find Opportunities

Once opportunities are created, they can be found by people eager to contribute their time and talents in a few ways:

  • Registered opportunities are immediately available in a member’s personal Explore Map, which shares volunteer opportunities that are geographically nearby.
  • Registered opportunities can be contributed to a Community or Group and made available to its members via the Community’s Explore Map.
  • Registered opportunities can be highlighted, or Featured, on a Community’s homepage by a Community Moderator.

Track Hours with Opportunities

Once a Member finds the perfect Opportunity to match the time and talent they have to give, they can track hours within an opportunity’s active date. An Opportunity is listed as inactive once it has ended. Members can still add hours with an inactive opportunity within the active dates. Inactive opportunities will appear on community homepages if featured and in Explore for 90 days after it’s inactive.  Learn more about Adding Hours here.

If you are managing an Organization on NobleHour review our Organization Administrator Reference Guide to learn more about leveraging your organization on NobleHour, sharing opportunities, and connecting with members in the network! 

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