The Community Partner Totals Report provides key summary metrics about individual Organizations that host/organize Opportunities for Members, Groups, Organizations, and Communities.

To access the report, update your desired date range and filters, and below the Impact graph, select Partners.

Each row of the Community Partner Table summarizes the hour(s) statuses of an individual Organization that has at least one contributed hour. The table columns represent the following:


Organizations that host opportunities.


  • Impact: The total number of approved hours submitted by Members with an Organization.
  • Members: The number of active members included in the impact report. 
  • Partners: The number of partners included in the impact report. 


The total number of Opportunities to which the Member submitted hours.


The total number of Groups to which the Member contributed hours.


The total number of approved, pending, and denied contributions to Groups. This number represents the submission count and not the total number of hours. 


The total number of verified, pending, or denied hours by partners or coordinators. 

Note that Community Partners will not appear in this report until your members have successfully submitted hours to them.


Click on an Organization in the first column to drill into an Community Partner Submission Table. Each row represents an individual Member that has submitted at least one hour to an Opportunity hosted by that Community Partner. The table columns represent the following:

  • Member: The Member who submitted the hour(s).
  • Email: The email of the Member who submitted the hour(s).
  • Opportunity: The Opportunity hosted by that Organization to which the Member submitted the hour(s).
  • Verification Status: The status of an hour submission with an Opportunity. An hour submission can be pending, approved, denied or unsubmitted. Unsubmitted are hours that have not been sent for verification or cancelled by the submitter.
  • Hours: The number of hours served by the Member and then contributed to the Opportunity.
  • Sent On: The date on which the hours were contributed to the Group for approval
  • Moderator's Signature: The person who approved or denied the hours.
  • Moderation Date: The date the hours was approved or denied.

Submission Report

Select View All Community Partner Submissions to drill into the Totals Report and review every submission included in your Impact! This report may include multiple records for one member if they have multiple submissions. 


Click on a contributor in the first column to view their timecards.

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