Congratulations and welcome to NobleHour! This guide provides assistance to you, the Administrative team, on completing common NobleHour tasks. NobleHour will help administrators mobilize and organize their Members, and connect them to opportunities that make a difference in the community. 

As an Administrator you are responsible for managing and approving content, Groups, Members, and hours. You'll also be able to measure your Impact using our robust reports. 

1. Community Overview 

Your Community will be the central location for managing and measuring the engagement and volunteerism of your members. You'll be able to highlight service opportunities, compile impact reports, manage content and communicate with your members. Watch our quick overview video and get started! 

2. Creating Groups

Groups are a key building block of NobleHour - they are created within Communities to segment members (e.g., within a course, program, department, location etc.) for reporting and communication purposes. 

Groups are optional, but helps dissect data on your members in reports. If Groups are a benefit to your organization, it's recommended that your Groups are created before inviting your team and members to NobleHour. If you decide not to create Groups, hours are submitted directly to your Community. 

Once you've set up your Groups you can start inviting your members to join. You can even delegate admin privileges to someone else so they can manage the Group. 

When your Members add hours they will contribute their hours to one or more of your Groups so you can report on their impact and volunteerism.

Create a Group

  1. Select My Network (logo in the top left corner)
  2. Select your Community.
  3. Select the Groups tab. 
  4. Select the green + icon on the left side of your screen.

3. Creating Targets

Targets are a great way to set a goal for your community or group and then track your member's progress. Targets are also great for keeping track of volunteer quotas. Targets are available to Community and Group Administrators. 

  1. From your Community's homepage, navigate to Administration
  2. Select the Targets tab. 
  3. Select the plus icon to create a Target.

4. Adding Opportunities

Hosting an event and need volunteers? An opportunity is a listing that helps Members find the best outlets to share their time and talents, and connects them to organizations doing great work. Think of Opportunities as advertisements for volunteers, interns, employees, and more! 

To Add an Opportunity:

Select the Add (+) icon at the top of the page, and then select Opportunity.

Complete the Opportunity form. Be sure to upload an image and select a host for your opportunity. The host will be your organization.

5. Inviting Members

Once your Groups are setup you'll be ready to invite your members to NobleHour. Sending an email to your members with the link to your community ( that was provided in your welcome email is the quickest way to get everyone registered! Listed below are some tips that your welcome email should include: 

  • Articulate your organization or institution's goal and purpose with community engagement and volunteerism. 
  • List any requirements or incentives that your members should be aware of like a minimum or maximum number of hours included in a benefit package or program. 
  • Highlight how NobleHour will be a partner and will help facilitate the hour tracking and reporting process. 

View our email template here.

You can also use the Invite Members link in administration. Learn more here

Other ways to get members started: 

  • Delegate responsibility to other administrators or leads to help train and manage members on NobleHour. This could be a lead at each one of your Groups. 
  • Host an orientation or training that covers registration and adding hours. 
  • Share our Member Reference Guide

6. Finding Opportunities to Volunteer

NobleHour makes it easy for Members to find opportunities and make a difference in their local area. There are two ways to find Opportunities:

  1. Your Community’s Explore Map - Shows opportunities that are hosted by your community or that has been shared with your community. From your Community’s homepage, select Explore.
  2. Your Personal Explore Map - Shows all of the volunteer opportunities in the NobleHour system. From your account page, select Explore.

7. Adding Hours

Adding hours is simple on NobleHour.

To Add Hours:

Select the Add (+) icon at the top of the page, and then select Hours.

You can even download our mobile app and add hours on the go! 

8. Moderate and Manage

Community Moderation will provide administrators access to approve or deny content and hours. In addition, manage content (opportunities, news, assets) and connections (role request and Groups). 

To Access: 

  1. Select My Network (logo in the top left corner)
  2. Select your Community
  3. Select the Community Manager (hamburger icon) and then select Moderation

9. Community Administration

Community Administration is where administrators can manage members, edit community settings, and access reports. 

To Access: 

  1. Select My Network (logo in the top left corner)
  2. Select your Community
  3. Select the Community Manager and then select Administration

10. Community Administrator Reports

Quickly measure the impact your members are making in the Community or see who is meeting targets by utilizing our Reports. Learn more about our Community Administrator Reports here.

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