Congratulations and welcome to NobleHour! This guide provides assistance to Community Partners and helps them complete common NobleHour tasks. NobleHour will help partners mobilize and organize their volunteers, and connect them to opportunities that make a difference in the community. Please review each step in this guide and then let's get started!

1) Community Overview

Your Community will be the central location for managing and measuring the engagement and volunteerism of your volunteers. You'll be able to highlight service opportunities, compile impact reports, manage content and communicate with your members. The video below will cover the following topics: 

  • Your vanity URL -"yourorganization"
  • The purpose of a Community
  • How to invite members to join your Community
  • The Noble Impact Meter
  • Opportunity listings on your Community homepage

* You can share your vanity URL in an email to get your team and volunteers signed up or use the Invite Members link on your Community homepage. Learn more about inviting your team and volunteers here.

2) Uploading a Profile Picture

Uploading a profile picture will allow your volunteers to put a face to all of the great work you are doing in the community. Watch the video below to learn how! 

3) Community Logo and Banner

Update your Community's logo and banner to help volunteers find your organization in Explore. 

4) Understanding Explore

Explore is a great way to connect with existing and new volunteers on NobleHour. Every time you create an opportunity it'll appear on Explore for volunteers. There are 2 Explore maps. 

  1. Community Explore - The Explore map inside of your Community will show any opportunities that your organization host or that was shared by partners. This is where existing volunteers will come to see a list of your opportunities. 
  2. Member Home Explore - The Explore map outside of your Community will display all of the opportunities and organizations that are registered on NobleHour. This is where new volunteers will make the connection with you! 

5) Understanding Groups

Groups are a great way to segment your volunteers so you can communicate more efficiently and report on a specific group of volunteers. Examples of how groups can be used are listed below: 

  • Locations
  • Alumni/Current Volunteers
  • Special Interests

Groups are optional. If Groups would serve a purpose for your organization it's recommended that they are created before inviting your team or volunteers. 

6) Adding Opportunities

An opportunity is a listing that helps volunteers find the best outlets to share their time and talents, and connects them to organizations doing great work. Think of Opportunities as advertisements for volunteers, interns, employees, and more! Once you add an opportunity it will appear on the Explore map for volunteers.

7) Share your Opportunities

Sharing your opportunities with other communities or partners is a great way to put your opportunities in front of more volunteers. Watch the video below to learn how!

8) Approving Hours

After you create opportunities, volunteers will sign up, participate, and then add hours. To update your organization and the volunteer's impact you'll have to approve hours using Moderation. Watch the video below and learn how! 

9) Reporting on Impact

Now that you've updated your impact, it's time to report on it and learn how much of an impact your organization is making in the community! 

10) Site Navigation

My Network (logo in the top left corner) provides quick access to your Community, Groups, Organizations, and Opportunities. 

My Account (logo in the top right corner) allows you to quickly navigate outside of your community to your account page where you'll have access to Explore, account settings, and preferences. 

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