Messaging is a great way to communicate to all of your members or only a select few. The keyword search is great for filtering members by their Internal Tags. You can also use the filter to view only registered or managed members, specific groups, or opportunities! 

Step 1: Navigate to your Community

  1. Select My Network (Logo in the top left corner).
  2. Select your desired Community. 

Step 2: Navigate to the Administration Panel

  1. Select the hamburger icon (3 horizontal lines).
  2. Select Administration
  3. Select the Members tab to manage users in your Community. 

Step 3: Message Members

  1. Select a member or members.
  2. Select Message at the top of the page. 
  3. Enter your message and then select Send.

Each member selected will receive an email with the comment you entered. Remember you can filter by internal tags, groups, or opportunities to message specific members. 

*If a member has their email notifications disabled, they will not receive an email.

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