Add an Opportunity

  • Select the Add icon and then select the Opportunity icon. 



  • Input a Title, Description, and Category. Select Next when you are finished.



  • Select your Community or Organization from the drop-down menu below Search and then select Next



  • Select a minimum age. Input any activities and qualifications regarding the Opportunity and then select Next


  • Fill in the address form for your Opportunity and then select Next.


  • Select a start date, end date, and time for your Opportunity. If applicable, select the days the Opportunity will repeat on. If the Opportunity is ongoing, leave the end date blank. Add any additional scheduling information and then select Next.  


  • Fill in the contact information for your Opportunity and then select Add Opportunity


  • Select Contribute to share the Opportunity with a Community. If you want to share the Opportunity later, select Done. 



  • If you selected Contribute, select the Organization selection box to share the Opportunity with a Community in your Network. Add comments if necessary and then select Contribute



  • Type your E-Signature and put a check next to the Declaration. Select Done when you are finished. 


  • Select Go to Track to monitor the status of your submission on the Track tab.


  • You can monitor the status of your submission on the My Submissions tab of Track. Select the Opportunities link to view the status of the opportunity you just contributed. 



  • Opportunities must be approved by an entity's moderator or administrator before they appear. Once the opportunity is live, you will be able to view and manage sign-ups. 

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