Groups are created inside Communities for hour tracking purposes and to segment members. Examples of how Groups may be used by sector would be the following:

  • An education institution may create Groups by graduation class or student organizations.
  • A business may create Groups by departments.
  • A non-profit may create Groups by a special interest or events.

The Groups tab within a Community shows a list of associated Groups. Community members can create, view, or join Groups. In addition, the listed Groups can be filtered by the following sub-types:

  • Volunteer
  • Service Learning
  • On-the-Job Training

Groups are also great for sharing content between specific people. Community Administrators and Moderators can create Groups to organize their members, employees, volunteers or students.

In addition, creating Groups will allow Administrators and Moderators to analyze their Community's engagement and Noble Impact through NobleHour Reports.

Volunteers and students should always contribute their hours to a Group if they are trying to receive credit towards an award, initiative, or requirement.

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