Step 1: Navigate to Add Opportunity

  1. Select + Add. 
  2. Select Opportunity

Step 2: Add Opportunity

  1. Enter the title, select a category, upload an image and select a host for your opportunity. The host will be your organization or an organization that you are affiliated with. 
  2. Complete the opportunity form.
  3. Review your Opportunity before submitting it on step 6. Once you click Submit you'll see a green success message.

That's it! Your opportunity will appear in Explore now so volunteers can connect with you. 

Share your Opportunity!

After clicking Submit you'll have the option to share your opportunity via email or by copying your opportunity's link to share on social media. You can also share your opportunity with other organizations and groups that you are connected with on NobleHour.   

  1. On your opportunity's homepage select Actions | Contribute. 
  2. Click in the Group selection box to share your Opportunity with Groups in your network. Click in the Organization selection box to share your Opportunity with other organizations. If the Organization or Group you are looking forward is not appearing click I don't see it to search the NobleNetwork. 
  3. Once you've selected a Group or Organization select Contribute and then confirm your E-Signature. 

You can monitor the status of your submission on the Content tab of Track. Select the Opportunity link on the left side of your screen and then select Submissions to review the status of the Opportunity you just contributed.

If you share your opportunity to another organization or group it must be approved before it appears on their page. 

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