Any hours submitted by members of your Community will appear here for a Community Moderator to review, manage and moderate. 


  1. Select My Network (Logo in the top left corner).
  2. Select your Community. 
  3. Select the Community Manager and then select Moderation.

Reading the Hours Table

By default, the table will display Pending hours - these are the hour submissions you need to quickly review and take action on!

You may view the same hour submissions from many different angles - 

  • By Member: Summarizes hour submissions for an individual, regardless of submission date or destination.
  • By Opportunity: Summarizes hour submissions for a single Community Hosted Opportunity in one list (this is helpful if you need to approve hours from many volunteers at once for a single Opportunity)
  • By Groups: Summarizes hour submissions for a single Group in one list (this is helpful if you need to approve hours from many group members at once, who may be submitting hours to different Opportunities)

You may view previously moderated hours by changing the status filter to Approved/Verified or Denied. These hours are available for review for 90 days. Older approved or denied hours can then be found under your Community Administrator Reports

The status of hour submissions to external partner opportunities are listed in light grey for your information. You may send a reminder to that external partner asking them to verify the hours.

Selecting a particular row may reveal more granular information in a sub-table. For example, if a member has multiple hour submissions, they will be displayed one-by-one in the sub-table, where you may act on specific submissions if needed.

You may review the details of an individual submission (including Reflections) by selecting the View icon from the last column of a sub-table. 

You may sort table data in ascending or descending order by selecting the column name from the table header. This may make it easier to find a specific person, opportunity, group, date, etc.

Use the keyword search to quickly find a person, opportunity, or group.

Moderate Hours

  1. Select the submission(s) that you want to approve or deny. Note that you may select multiple submissions at once to approve them in bulk.
  2. Select Approve or Deny above the table.
  3. Confirm your moderation request, leaving a comment if necessary.

Undo Previously Moderated Hours

If an hour submission needs to be un-done:

  1. Change the table’s status filter to Approved/Verified or Denied.
  2. Select a submission(s).
  3. Select Undo to change the submission(s) back to pending so you can take a different action. You’ll only be able to undo submissions from the last 90 days. 
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