January 3, 2019


Introducing Opportunity Tagging

In this release, we are excited to introduce our first implementation of tagging with Opportunity Tagging.  Users who enter new opportunities into NobleHour or who edit existing opportunities will be able to select from existing tags or apply new tags to those opportunities.  Tags will help:

  • Organizations robustly describe their volunteer opportunities
  • Visitors find and search for those opportunities
  • Highlight social focus areas and desired volunteer skills
  • Enhance Impact reporting and volunteer effort understanding


  • Add opportunity Skills, Focus Areas, and Type tags to each opportunity to describe the skills you desire in this opportunity’s volunteers, the social impact focus area(s) it addresses, and any special type information (e.g., training, fundraising, race, etc.).
  • Visitors searching through Explore with these terms will quickly be directed to the opportunity. When we launch user Account tags, opportunities will be suggested to members with matching skills or interests.
  • Increase your understanding of Opportunity impact by examining what focus areas or skills describe the most opportunities you host or receive the most hours by volunteers. 

To access:

  • Create or edit an opportunity.
  • As you add the opportunity name and host information, enter one or more opportunity type tags to better describe the opportunity using your organization’s terms.
  • Tip:  Click on Suggestions for tag ideas.  You can always add your own.
  • On Step 5 - Details, enter the social focus area(s) the opportunity addresses and any desired volunteer skillsets.
  • Save as usual!

Check back in 2-3 weeks for new Opportunity Tag Reports!

Related Issues

Issue #: NH-6979; NH-6980; NH-7053; NH-7148; NH-7149 ; API-2660 

General Improvements (bug fixes and enhancements)

Adding/Editing Hours

  • Auto-populate host and opportunity when user comes from that page (NH-7218)
  • Adding hours improvements (NH-7207; NH-7212; NH-7197; NH-7093; NH-7071; NH-7004; NH-6704; NH-6671; NH-6574; NH-5810; NH-5597)
  • Editing hours improvements (NH-7313; NH-7257; NH-7185; NH-7128; NH-7121; NH-7081; API-2765; API-2732)
  • Opportunity date range display formatting improvements (NH-7187)


  • Editing improvements (NH-7230; NH-7048; NH-6958)
  • Setting location postal code auto-fills the state (NH-7177)
  • Pre-populate org host contact information on opportunity form (NH-7163; NH-7104)
  • Ensure all information is presented on opportunity home page (NH-7178; NH-6955; NH-6956; 6738)
  • Do not present the share step until the opportunity has been approved (NH-7157)


  • Update organization types (NH-7138)
  • Fix Search on Community home page when using side filters (NH-5892)
  • Provide relationship and group selection when a registered user joins a new community (NH-7095)


  • Offer a Reflections view modal (NH-6372)
  • Deny a pending submission for an inactive opportunity (NH-7189)
  • Improve information under Hours column (NH-7118)


  • Return group creator to originating page while awaiting group moderation (NH-7023)
  • If a user joins a group, make them a community member at the same time (NH-6932)


  • Add a link to return to login from registration window (NH-7237)
  • Date-of-birth validation improvements (NH-7155; NH-7156)


  • Respect selected opportunity filters (NH-7027; API-2565)
  • Present all opportunity types (NH-7026; NH-6619; API-2258)

Member Impact

  • Re-add the Export feature so members can print their Impact report (NH-7130)
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