Have you been invited to join NobleHour and create a Group? This Group Administrator Quickstart Guide will walk you through the process! 

Creating Groups in Noblehour can help organize all volunteering associated with class or co-curricular organization, business-related department or committee, and more! As a Group Administrator you can identify and approve Members, view your Members' volunteering details, share relevant opportunities, and ensure hours are approved.

Let's get started in 6 easy steps! 

Community Administrators may wish to download a template version of this Guide that they may customize and share internally. (However, providing them links directly to our Help Center will ensure their information is always up to date!)

1. Register and Join your Community

Your Community will be your company, institution or organization. If you already have an account, please sign in and skip to the next section.

  1. Visit NobleHour and select Get Started.
  2. Fill in the form and then select Register.
  3. Enter the name of your Community (Organization, Company, or Institution) and your zip code.
  4. Select your Community. 
  5. Select your Relationship and any Groups to which you belong, and then select Submit

2. Upload a Profile Picture

Now that you have registered, let's upload a profile picture so your colleagues and members will recognize you! 

  1. Select the profile image from the top-right of the page.
  2. Select My Info.  
  3. Under the default image, select Change Photo.
  4. Choose an image from the gallery or Browse to upload a new image.
  5. Drag your mouse inside the photo to crop the image and then select Save

3. Create your Group

Groups are created inside Communities for hour tracking purposes and to segment members. Examples of how Groups may be used by sector would be the following:

  • A high school or university may create Groups to group students by graduation class or group members of student organizations.
  • A business may create Groups by departments.
  • A non-profit may create Groups by committees or other special interests.

Let's create your first Group! 

If your Community Administrator has not already created your Group, you can submit one for moderation. 

  1. Select My Network (logo in the top left corner) and then select your Community.
  2. Select the Groups tab at the top of the page. 
  3. Select the green Create a Group link.
  4. Complete the form and then select Create. (Your Group will not appear until it is approved by a Community Administrator or Moderator.)

4. Invite Members to your Group

Inviting your members to NobleHour is easy! 

Option 1

  1. Using My Network, navigate to your Group’s page.
  2. Select Invite Members
  3. Complete the form and then select Send.

Your members will receive an invitation email to join your Group. The next time they log into NobleHour they will be members. If you send an invite to a member who is not registered on NobleHour, they will become a member of your Group after registering. 

Option 2

  1. Using My Network navigate to your Group’s homepage.
  2. Copy the URL or link to your Group.
  3. Open your email and send an email to all of your members with the Group's link.

Your members would simply have to click on the link and then select Join on the Group's homepage to become members.

5. Moderate Hours

  1. Select the Moderate icon (the blue checkmark in the right-hand corner of your header).
  2. Select See All in the bottom corner of the dropdown menu.

6. Get a Group Report!

Group Administrators who have approved hours submitted to their Group by its members have access to a robust Group Report. To access the report, navigate to your Group and select the Reports tab. Learn more about Group Reports here.

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